Via the Domain Names Manager bundled in the Website Control Panel, it is also possible to control all your domain names without hassles, from the exact same place you handle your websites. And our Domain Names Manager is brimming with all the tools you will need in order to proficiently manage every aspect of your domain names.

Multiple Domain

Update Whois, name servers, custom DNS

It doesn’t matter how many domain names you have, you can easily handle them all with only a mouse click within the Domain Names Manager! It’s possible to change the WHOIS info, change the name servers as well as install custom DNS records to as many domains as you want right from your Website Control Panel.

Making use of the Domain Names Manager, you will get immediate access to the files of your domain names and will also be allowed to manage the included mail accounts as well. Furthermore, it will be possible to monitor the web statistics for each of your domain names. The bulk selection will allow you to register as well as renew quite a few domain names at any given time.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Handle all types of DNS records

With the Website Control Panel, you’ll find a method to set all kinds of DNS records for your personal domains. You’ll be able to point your domain names to external hosts by using A or AAAA records, make use of third party mail servers through MX records, establish domain name re–direction using CNAME records, permit support for added solutions with TXT records, etc. It’s possible to change the set up DNS records and even return them to their normal values with just a click.

Further than the custom DNS records, you may as well register name servers that are dependant on your domain. As a result all of your clients will see your brand, as a substitute for our generic name servers, should they complete a WHOIS search.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park unlimited number of domains

If you want a domain but do not have a site for it at this point, you’ll be able to register it and then park it right up until your website is good to go on the internet. Domain Parking will allow you to get engaging domains and place them on the web with the help of default pages made by our platform. You can make a choice between an ’Under Construction’ webpage as well as a "for sale" web page. Additionally, it’s possible to for a while point the domain name to a different website.

As soon as the website for your domain gets ready, you unpark your domain name with simply a click and your website will become on the internet immediately!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Quick domain redirection

You can certainly forward a domain name to a new website link with thanks to the simple functionality of the Domain Names Manager. You can easily make redirections to both domains located in your own cloud hosting account and domains situated on outside web servers. With a click of the mouse, you’ll be able to to choose the domain name which you want to reroute and after that designate the website url of the host that you want it to lead to. To reverse a redirection, just click on the ’Host Domain’ button and our platform will quickly point the domain name back to your Linux cloud web hosting service account.

You’ll need domain redirection to point some domain names to one site. For example, if possess a brand (your–, you can point just about all sought after domain name extensions to your main web site (your–, your–, your–, your–, etc.) to be sure that no–one will take the domain name and ’steals’ your clients.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Protect your information

Your domain registration details are publicly published by rule. Fortunately, there’s a option to stop it from featuring online by making use of Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection! With this solution, all your WHOIS details is not going to display on the internet when someone constitutes a WHOIS lookup for your domain name.

Nonetheless, if someone really must have to get hold of you relating to your domain name, they could make use of the email published to the WHOIS information and we’ll forward it to you immediately.

Hepsia File Manager


Needs to have for any online shop.

An SSL will give your web visitors a warranty that your site is safe for making online orders or become a member. It is going to encrypt all very sensitive details which is transported between visitors and your web site and can prevent virtually all tries for maltreatment.

Through the Domain Names Manager in the Website Control Panel, you can quickly get an SSL certificate for your web shop or community website. Just decide if you want your SSL certificate to be for 1 or a variety of web sites and then click the Request button. Your SSL certificate will be mounted for you in minutes.

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