When you are looking for a better Internet hosting service and want to change your provider, you'll have to move the Internet site content to the web hosting servers of the new company. While this may be done easily for a small HTML site, it may be more challenging to migrate a script-driven Internet site, which employs a database, not to mention if you have a few sites. You will have to transfer a large amount of files, databases and e mails, not mentioning that you will have to import everything on the new web server and modify many system settings as to get the Internet sites online on the new web hosting platform. To save you the time and the trouble to relocate your content, we supply a totally free Internet site migration service, so with respect to the type of web hosting and the specific plan that you opt for, our tech support team can move even a number of websites for you, making certain that the way they look and function shall be exactly the same.
Assisted Website Migration in Cloud Web Hosting
You can take full advantage of this free service whatever the cloud web hosting plan you have picked and you'll be able to contact us the moment your new account has been set up. There won't be an issue for our tech support team to migrate even a number of sites as long as you've chosen a package deal where you could host more than one domain name. As soon as they are done with the migration to our cutting-edge cloud Internet hosting platform, they shall analyze if everything is functioning properly before they inform you that you could change the name servers of your domain as to point it to our servers. We can relocate any Internet site that runs on a LAMP machine and isn't developed on a closed platform like Yola or Wix in which we simply can't access the site files to copy them. This includes not only popular platforms including WordPress or Moodle, but also any custom web site. If you employ our migration service, we can easily set everything up within 24 to 48 hours, so you could start using our platform immediately.
Assisted Website Migration in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you purchase a semi-dedicated server account from us, we shall be able to move your content free of charge even when you have numerous websites under different domains. As our top-notch cloud hosting platform uses Linux, your current host should use this Operating System also and you should not be using a closed-source online website design service including Weebly, Mr. Site or Jimdo as they don't allow the site files to be accessed, as a result we can't move this sort of a site. It usually does not take more than two days from the time you arrange the migration with our technical support team to the point in time everything is migrated and ready, so you can start using our services immediately. You could take advantage for any custom-made Internet site or for one which you have developed with a script-driven application like Joomla, PrestaShop, Moodle or WordPress. As soon as everything is set, we shall notify you and you can change the name servers of your domains to point them to your new account. Because the content shall be the exact same on both servers, your visitors will not notice any downtime during the DNS update propagation.
Assisted Website Migration in VPS Servers
The website migration service is available with all VPS servers plans which we offer regardless of the hosting CP which you currently use or the one which you pick for your new account. The only 2 requirements are to use a hosting provider that doesn't work with a closed-source platform (Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, etc.) and to have a site that can run on a Linux hosting server because this is the Operating System which is provided with our web servers. It rarely takes more than 48 hours for our professional support team to relocate one or a number of websites from the instant you contact them with this kind of a request, so you can switch suppliers really quickly and with no efforts on your end. The type of Internet sites which we can move for you does not matter, therefore we can help you with well-known apps including Joomla or WordPress as well as with custom-made scripts. As soon as the content on your VPS is the same as the one on the web servers of your current host company, you can change the name servers of your domains to point them to our system, thus not allowing any downtime of your websites.
Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Servers
If you require extra power for your websites and you opt to acquire one of our dedicated server solutions, we can migrate multiple Internet sites from your current Internet hosting provider in no more than two days. Of course, the time may vary depending on their amount and size, but it rarely takes more than that. Our administrators can move any site that can run using a Linux server and isn't created on a closed platform such as Weebly or Jimdo given that they limit the access to the files of the sites developed through them, so if you have a custom-made Internet site or you are employing a widely used script-driven app like Joomla, phpBB or WordPress, we can move it very quickly. We shall examine the websites to be certain that they are operating adequately and once everything is all set, we shall let you know, so that you may update the name servers of any domain that you'd like to host on the dedicated server. Since the content will be identical on both ends, your sites will be up and running during the DNS propagation. This service is totally free of charge and we can save you lots of time and efforts.